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Georgia Turf & Ornamental Inc. provides a comprehensive range of fertilization and weed control services for residential and commercial customers. We are proud to work with many local and small businesses.



Fertilizing your lawn or turf provides it with the necessary nutrients to remain healthy and beautiful. Every home and business owner wants their lawn to look its best. Our knowledgeable team will choose a fertilizer that will leave your lawn dense and green. We will also advise you on the best times and appropriate amounts to feed your lawn.

Weed Control

Dandelions and other pesky weeds are an eyesore that can quickly overtake your lawn if they are not addressed quickly. Caring for your lawn year-round and maintaining thick and healthy grass is the best defense towards weeds. GT&O is well-versed in pest management and weed removal services. We will help you restore your beautiful lawn and provide tips for at-home care.


For more information regarding our landscaping services or to receive a FREE estimate, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

When should I water my lawn after a treatment?

Water lawn 24 hours after application for best results. Lawn can be watered after application has dried (approx. 2 hours). We recommend you water twice weekly during dry weeks.

When should I cut my grass?

For best results wait at least 24 hours after application and after lawn has been watered. We recommend you cut your grass every 4 to 7 days during the growing season.

Do you spray in bedded areas?

Our treatment is for turf. Most chemicals we use would not work best for beds. We recommend you edge and spray bed lines with a glyphosate product (round up).

When should I scalp my yard?

Early Spring is best, scalping during winter months can deter winter pre-emergent. It is best to wait until colder weather has passed.

When can I let my dogs out?

One application is dry dogs can go out to use the bathroom and come back. We recommend 24 hours before full time use.

When should I scalp my yard?

We have 8 services a year. They are approximately every 6 weeks but can be a little farther apart or closer together depending on weather and conditions.



"Whenever we have a question they respond to us quickly and are very knowledgeable" 

We hired GTO to build a retaining wall, install sod and design and plant our flower beds and they did an awesome job! Whenever we have a question they respond to us quickly and are very knowledgeable. We are more than happy with the results and we highly recommend them.

Julie & Greg R.


"I would highly recommend Georgia Turf & Ornamental" 

Mike came up with a plan to ease A long standing problem I had with rainwater runoff, and soil erosion. The work he and his crew did came out looking great. I wish I had called them sooner. I would highly recommend Georgia Turf & Ornamental!

Sam M.


"The finished product is beautiful" 

We are extremely happy with the work they did in our yard! They got rid of our juniper, leveled out the yard, took care of sink holes, and put in sod and hydrangeas. The finished product is beautiful - I highly recommend them! They were all polite and professional, showed up when they said they would, and got the job turned over quickly. We will definitely use them in the future as we work on other parts of our yard.

Stacey A.


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